Life and Death of a Pirate 

1960s Pirate Radio

BIOGRAPHY of Reg and Dorothy Calvert, singers, musicians, disc jockeys and radio engineers
Written as a novel
Sometimes real life can be stranger than fiction
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474 pages with over 170 photos and images


2: Clifton Hall - School of Rock

3: Shivering Sands - 1960s Pirate RAdio 

BOOKS Two and Three included in Hardback Edition

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"Wow"  ......" A true fun and sad story of the extraordinary life and death of Reg and Dorothy Calvert. Their involvement in the music entertainment business intertwined with establishing and running Pirate Radio (Radio Sutch later renamed Radio City). The book throws so much more light and truths on so many twists and turns with lies and cover-ups exposed. Even though I worked on Radio City, I had no idea of how much intrigue and deception there was. It is only now that I can picture the whole story and appreciate the facts revealed. ....  " Luc Dunne

"A fascinating insight into the life and times of one of the great characters of pirate radio. Reg Calvert was one of the only people to fund and operate a successful offshore station himself while the others often had big city or US funders lurking the background. This book shows how his wish to remain independent from such, often murky pressures, finally led to his sad death. A good read." Brian Lister

"What a wonderful surprise this morning with the postwoman! This year in total 15 books have been published where offshore radio was the main subject or was mentioned in the story. What I can see by going very quickly through the book is thatit's the very best one this year. Congratulations." Hans Knot

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